O & M / Management Consultancy


Project 1
Operation of Tehran South Wastewater Treatment Plant, Modules 1 – 4 (2.1 Mio. PE),
2014 – ongoing

Zharfkarejam Engineering Co., Iran

Project description:
Operation and maintenance (O&M) of Tehran South Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Modules 1 – 4 (2.1 million population equivalent – PE).
Modules 1 – 4 (2.1 million PE / 450,000 qm/d) include wastewater treatment by activated sludge process and additional trickling filters for nitrification, anaerobic sludge treatment and biogas utilization for heating and electrical power generation. The partial use of the treated sewage effluent imposes specific disinfection requirements on the plant.

Services provided:
– Support of O&M of all equipment and utilities of modules 1 – 4 of Tehran South WWTP with the objective to secure the required performance parameters;
– Deployment of O&M managers;
– Support of equipment procurement procedures to rehabilitate and upgrade plant.

Project 2
Operational Supervision of a Pilot System in Qingdao within the BMBF Project “SEMIZENTRAL“,
2013 – ongoing

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany

Project description:
Supervision of the implementation and operation of a semi-centralized pilot supply and treatment center for housing estates of the “World Horticulture Exposition Qingdao 2014“ in Qingdao, China.

– BMBF-sponsored joint R&D project “Resource-efficient and flexible supply and treatment infrastructure systems for fast growing cities of the future“ in the context of the World Horticultural Exposition 2014 in Qingdao.
– Support of the implementation, supervision of the operation, as well as management of scientific data of an innovative pilot system for about 17,000 population equivalent (PE), integrating grey water treatment, black water treatment, co-fermentation with biosolids, water reuse and biogas utilization.
– Development and evaluation of the concept and documents for operation as well as conduction of adopted training measures for the local staff and decision makers.
– Joint project with 14 German and 8 Chinese partners (supplier, consultants, research institutes) coordinated by Darmstadt Technical University.

Services provided:
– Support during implementation;
– Supervision of operation and maintenance (O&M);
– Data management for scientific purposes;
– Development and evaluation of O&M;
– Training of staff.

Project 3
“Chinese-German Training Programme“: Intensive Training Course about Water Issues for Chinese Wastewater Experts,
2013, 2014, 2016

China Water & Wastewater Journal Editorial Office of North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute (CNWW), and Tianjin Water and Gas Information Technology Development Co. Ltd., China

Project description:
Development, preparation and conduction of a wastewater-specific training programms with theoretical lectures and technical excursions.
– Development and conduction of individual 10 days lasting, intensive technical programms with lectures about wastewater topics as well as several technical excursions to municipal water and wastewater facilities in the Ruhr Area, Bonn and Frankfurt.
– Overall surveys about the state of the art wastewater disposal in Germany.
– Supporting cultural programme.
– High-ranking Chinese participants of scientific institutions, wastewater utilities and suppliers.

Services provided:
– Development of individualized training programms with theoretical lectures and technical excursions;
– Intensive trainings of high-ranked foreign staff;
– Excursions to water and wastewater infrastructure facilities.

Project 4
Train@mine – Internationalising of Professional Training in the Mining Sector to Ensure Sustainability in Resource Managemnet,
2012 – 2015

Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (VINACOMIN), Vietnam

Project description:
The project was implemented by a consortium including EWEC Water parent company Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH, two German mining companies (MIBRAG and RAG Mining solution) and the University of Leipzig to develop professional training courses. Examplarily the coal mining sector of Vietnam was chosen.
The main services of the project covered the development, planning and organisation of pilot courses, particularly in the fields of mine management, project management in mining, water and environmental management and occupational safety in underground mining.
One of the key aspects of such courses was the drainage of stagnating water in underground mine areas. Furthermore examples from the comparison of working practice in a Vietnamese mine (resulting from the assessment phase in the first year of the project) with the common practice in a German mine were presented.

Services provided:
– Survey of technical conditions of the VINACOMIN mines;
– Training needs analysis;
– Development of concepts for training courses and for the management of company training centers.

Project 5
Assessment of the Organizational Structure of the Wastewater Department,
2014 – ongoing

Municipality of Wetzlar and Wastewater Utility Wetzlar, Germany

Project description:
The project covered the assessment of the organizational structure of client’s wastewater department.
Information on the as-is status has been gathered by interviews with staff and external stakeholders.
After analysis of the administrative processes and allocation of responsibilities within the organization, optimized concepts have been elaborated and proposed to the client.
It is foreseen to provide support to the client, when implementing the selected best concept.

Services provided:
– Analysis of administrative processes;
– Re-structuring of the organisation;
– Interviews of staff and external stakeholders.

Project 5
Revision of O&M Manuals of the Water Board “Wupperverband”,

Wupperverband, Germany

Project description:
The project covered conversion of existing O&M manuals from 8 sewage treatment plants to a new improved and updated form, in future valid for the entire Wupperverband.

Services provided:
– Update of 8 O&M manuals for seweage treatment plants;
– Consideration of technical changes and process-related changes caused by modifications at several plants;
– Adaptation of process descriptions and process diagrams;
– Elaboration of instructions for automized / manual operation and temporary shut-down.

Project 5
Operational Management of the Sewer System of the Wilayas Annaba and El Tarf in Algeria,
2008 – 2011

Gelsenwasser AG, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), Germany

Project description:
Société Des Eau Et Assainissement D’El Tarf (SEATA) operates 5 wastewater treatment plants, 58 pumping stations and 2,000 km of sewer network in the Wilayas (“districts”) of Annaba and El Tarf in Algeria.
The project included the support of SEATA with the operational management of the sewer network and wastewater treatment plants (approx. 350 local employees).
The project goal was developing efficiently operating water utilities in the Wilayas Annaba and El Tarf and improving the water supply and wastewater disposal for a region with nearly 1 million inhabitants, to ensure continuous water supply and proper sanitation.

Services provided:
– Support of all O&M tasks for WWTPs and sewer networks;
– CCTV inspection of sewer networks;
– Analysis of damages and elaboration of rehabilitation plans;
– Sewer network flushing;
– Design of sewer networks, sewer network upgrade, etc.;
– Training of local staff in Algeria and Germany;
– Operational support and procurement of equipment, spares, etc.;
– Set-up an inventory of all infrastructure facilities;
– Cost planning (CAPEX and OPEX) and management support.

Project 5
Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Sewer Networks of Emschergenossenschft and Lippeverband,
1994 – ongoing

Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband, Germany

Project description:
The public wastewater boards “Emschergenossenschaft“ (EG) and “Lippeverband“ (LV), headquartered in Essen and Dortmund are responsible for management of the water bodies, wastewater discharge and treatment, groundwater management and administration of mining damages of the Emscher catchment and major parts of the Lippe catchment, both located in the western part of Germany.
In total EG and LV treat 0.85 billion m3 of sewage per year in approx. 60 wastewater treatment plants, among which some of the largest of Germany. The sewage is transported by gravity-sewers with a length of 1,321 km and open channels of 765 km. In total 352 pumping stations serve for lifting the sewer flow.
Major project activities are O&M support, design tasks, hydraulic modelling and hydrological modelling, tendering and supervision of works. Further core services cover administrative and institutional consulting.

Services provided:
– Design of wastewater treatment plants;
– Design of CHP plants;
– Integrated water resources management, incl. hydrological and hydraulic modelling;
– Design of sewer networks;
– Tendering;
– Supervision of works;
– Elaboration of O&M manuals and HSE manuals;
– Institional consulting services.