Hydrology & Hydrogeology


Project 1
Implementation of the European Flood Directive for the Catchment Area of River Seseke,
2010 – 2011

District Government Arnsberg, Germany

Project description:
Hydraulic investigation of River Seseke and risk mapping.

Services provided:
– Set-up of a 2-D hydraulic model for the lower course of river Seseke and its tributaries using MIKE;
– 1-D hydraulic investigations of the upper course of rivers Seseke and Körne and their tributaries using Jabron;
– Identification of flooding areas applying three flood scenarios;
– Elaboration of flood risk maps.

Thermal Calculations for Power Plants,
2009 – ongoing

Several power plant operators in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Project description:
Thermal calculations for power plants and determination of impact on water bodies.

Services provided:
– Calculation of heat input into surface water bodies caused by discharge of cooling water;
– Determination of mixed-material concentration in a surface water body caused by discharge of cooling water, process water from flue gas purification unit and wastewater;
– Consideration of normal case and worst case scenarios;
– Consideration of winter and summer operations.


State-wide Monitoring of the Impact of Leaking Private Sewers and Wastewater Pipes on Soil and Groundwater,
2015 – ongoing

Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKULNV), Germany

Project description:
Research project covering the entire State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Services provided:
– Investigation of soil and groundwater characteristics at 50 polluted areas located all over North Rhine-Westphalia;
– Assessment of diffuse immissions by extensive groundwater measurements;
– Measurement of trace substances;
– Elaboration of a recommendation of how to deal with leaking private sewers and wastewater pipes.

Hydrogeological and Water Resources-related Consulting for the Mining Area of Jiuli in Xuzhou – Jiangsu Province,

City Government of Xuzhou, China

Project description:
Consulting project for improving monitoring of groundwater and surface water.

Services provided:
– Development of an implementation concept for monitoring of groundwater and surface water;
– Elaboration of a code of practice for future evaluation of monitoring data;
– Elaboration of concepts for utilization of forecasting tools (jointly with China University of Mining and Technology);
– Elaboration of a feasibility study for hydraulic measures.